Sourced And Sold

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Founded by Jeroen Woltman, one of the founders of Harvest and Company, Sourced and Sold started in ‘De Jordaan’ in a tiny store on a corner of the Eerste Tuindwarsstraat 16. A real jewel in that neighborhood, but also too small to grow. That’s why it moved to a bigger home, to be able to reach its full potential. Sourced and Sold specializes in fine industrial vintage and antiques, and offers high-quality unique pieces to a wide range of clients, both private and corporate. The pieces are sourced in various countries, treated with love and eye for detail, and then sold around the globe. With the same attention to detail and heart for craftsmanship, Jeroen has now expanded his business to Harvest and Company.

To see the products, visit Harvest and Company. And to buy online visit the website: