We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary!
Handmade bags from Atelier de l'Armée
These just came out of the workshop!
Abel Organics Perfume, from New Zealand
Vintage Studiolight by A.E. Cremer, Paris (France)
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Harvest and Company is a curated shop based in Amsterdam, specialised in high quality vintage furniture, interior goods, specialty coffee, fine art, and beautifully crafted items for travel, work and living. All with permanent style.
The End of Coffee


As most of you know, Harvest & Co. has been serving really tasty COFFEE the since the opening in Feb 2013. Although we're very proud of all the words of appreciation, we decided to put ...

A.E. Cremer Vintage Studiolight


Every time we release new items from the workshop, they get better and better! Of course that's what we aim for, but it's really nice to notice that we're reaching these goals. Come on over ...

Lokal Inc. supports local entrepreneurs in Amsterdam


  Lokalinc is connecting people and local entrepreneurs, keeping them updated about the exciting things happening in this city. An initiative that we appreciate very much, since ...